The OneConsultation Technical Documentation site provides access to all of the platform documentation you will need to successfully setup and configure OneConsultation. It is designed for you, the technical implementer, platform architect or developer.

For more general and non-technical information about the problems that OneConsultation solves and how it can add value to your organisation, visit our OneConsultation site.

To check the status of OneConsultation at any time, or to review scheduled maintenance or known incidents, please visit and bookmark out status page: status.oneconsultation.net

Getting Started FAQs

About OneConsultation, the problems it solves and how it integrates with your existing systems. A living collection of FAQs which is updated based on your feedback.

Setup Steps

How the setup and on-boarding process works, from first contact to fully-running service.

Data Security & Service Resiliancy

Everything you need about what data is stored where, and how OneConsultation is built for scale.

Authentication Detail

A deep dive into how the authentication process in OneConsultation works.

Microsoft Skype for Business / Lync Environment & Compatability

Information about supported environments and clients that can be used with OneConsultation.

End-User Browser Compatability

Supported browsers that can be used by end-users for video consultation.

OneConsultation Capabilities Roadmap

Guidance for planned future capabilities