End User Browser Compatibility

OneConsultation has been designed to be both simple to user and accessible to as many people as possible.

There are no plug-ins or client-side installations needed to use OneConsultation.

Everything is accessible via a web-browser, using WebRTC technology for audio & video streaming.

Apart from an internet connection and a webcam there’s no special equipment or software needed.

Supported Browsers

In general terms, OneConsultation should work with any WebRTC-compatible web browser. The table below is not intended to be an exclusive list, but lists the more popular devices and operating systems for quick reference.

Device (OS) Browser Works with OneConsultation?
iPhone (iOS 11+) Safari Yes
iPad (iOS 11+) Safari Yes
iPhone/iPad (iOS 11+) Chrome No*
iPhone/iPad (iOS 11+) Firefox No*
iPhone/iPad (iOS 11+) Edge** No*
iPhone/iPad (iOS 11+) Internet explorer No*
iPhone/iPad (iOS 12+) Chrome Yes
iPhone/iPad (iOS 12+) Firefox Yes
iPhone/iPad (iOS 12+) Edge** Yes
iPhone/iPad (iOS 12+) Internet explorer No*
PC (Windows) Chrome Yes
PC (Windows) Firefox Yes
PC (Windows) Edge** Yes
PC (Windows) Internet Explorer No*
Android Samsung Browser No*
Android Chrome Browser Yes
Android Firefox Yes
Android Edge** Yes
Android Internet Explorer No*

* Apple does not extend support for camera and microphone use in browsers other than Safari. Ref

**Edge support for WebRTC was added in Windows Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update). Versions prior to this are not supported.

To test a specific browser or operating system that is not in this list, please use the WebRTC Testing Tool in the first instance. If you require specific guidance or support, please contact your Account Manager or Support Team contact.

Azure Communication Known Issues

Supported Browsers - Admin Portal

The Admin Portal has broad browser support for most functionality. Some features have additional requirements, outlined below.

Desktop Sharing

Supported Browsers: