Microsoft Teams Users – OneConsultation initial setup

For O365 users using OneConsultation for the first time, please follow the below setup steps before your first consultation.
Once this setup is complete, the join experience will be seamless for future consultations.

If using Windows 10:

Go to the Windows start menu and type in Choose default applications by protocol and press enter.

Scroll down to the SIP: protocol and ensure Microsoft Teams is the program selected:

SIP: protocol

Step 2 - Ensure Teams is aware of the environment which hosts OneConsultation.

Open Microsoft Teams.

In the search bar at the top of teams, type in and click on the Search externally option that appears:

Test Call

Then, click on the contact, and then click on the video button to make a test call:

Video Call

Once these two steps are complete, sign in to to start using OneConsultation.