Clinician Troubleshooting

Here are some basic tips for troubleshooting common issues with OneConsultation:

My patient is having issues with OneConsultation

Guidance and troubleshooting for patients can be found here.

One of my virtual waiting rooms is missing from my list

Please check with your local IT that you are included in the AD Security group for access to that waiting room.

I have tried to join a consultation using Microsoft Teams but the contact cannot be found and there is no way to start the video call

Please use Microsoft Teams to test call

Here’s how to do this:

Once the test call is complete, the issue should be resolved.

The audio/video quality of my consultation is poor (video is freezing, sound is dropping out etc)

Please check your Internet connection.

A wired connection is recommended wherever possible. If a wired connection is unavailable, try to use a good wifi connection. Avoid wifi in public spaces that is shared among lots of people.

If you’re using your home wifi, keep close to the router if you can, and check that nobody else in the house is using your wifi to stream games or tv/film at the same time as your consultation. Also, check the number of devices connected to your wifi, as connected devices consume bandwidth.

If your wifi connection is poor or not available, a minimum of 4G is required. Please also check that you are using a supported device/browser - you can find this list here.

The consultation has started but I am the only one in it - my public user is saying the same thing

It is likely that you are both in separate consultations.

This can sometimes happen if a public user drops out of a consultation, and then uses the public portal URL to regain access. We recommend both parties leaving the consultation and starting the process again from the beginning.

Each time a public user uses the portal, a new consultation is created. As an O365 user, you should always join a consultation via the admin portal to ensure you are joining the correct consultation.

When I click ‘enter room’ - Microsoft Teams launches but the consultation chat does not display, so I can’t join the consultation

This is a known issue. At present, the fix is to click ‘enter room’ twice, or use a web based version of the admin portal. Please contact your local IT team for more information.