I’m a clinician using OneConsultation, how can I make sure I have a good video call?

What you’ll need:

A stable internet connection

An internet-connected device with speakers, microphone and camera

A supported browser

What your patient will need

Are you a Microsoft Teams user?

If you’re using OneConsultation with Microsoft Teams, there are some initial setup steps to complete before you use OneConsultation for the first time. You can find these here.

Other Top Tips

Video calling is being used now more than ever. A successful video call relies on stable internet connectivity, correct hardware setup and browser compatibility; unfortunately sometimes there will be occasions where a video call has bad picture/sound quality, or is disconnected. If your patient is having issues with their internet connectivity or device, there are limited ways to help them join and complete a video consultation. In some cases you may find that you need to fall back to a mobile phone call to complete your discussions.